Credit for continence

At South Cobb High School in suburban Atlanta, World Geography students can raise their grades by sitting through class without a bathroom break, reports Neal Boortz. Students get five passes per semester with no bathroom breaks if the five are used and extra credit for unused passes.

A student tells me that not going to the bathroom can be worth as much as a letter grade in that class!  That kid over there in the corner with his legs and eyes crossed?  He’s trying to boost his GPA so he can get into a good college.  New bumper stickers are being handed out:  “My child is a constipated honor student at South Cobb High.” 

I wonder if there’s a market for bathroom passes at South Cobb: Students with large, docile bladders could sell their extras to the incontinent — or to classmates who need the extra credit.

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  1. It looks like the story was bumped from the front page. It’s still available in the archives here.

  2. Short of severe diarhea (when you probably shouldn’t be in school at all), high school kids shouldn’t need bathroom passes. But that’s assuming that the school and the classroom locations have been reasonably designed so it’s possible to use the bathroom and make it to your next class.

  3. Reading this, I had a frightening thought: what if the ed schools get ahold of this?

    The ability to complicate something that’s essentially simple is nowhere more vigorously and successfully practiced then at ed schools. What if they take it into their collective heads that basic, bodily functions could do with some structured strategizing and pedagogical initiatives?

    We could end up longing for the days when the worst thing screwed up by the public education system was reading instruction.


  1. Inside Joke

    I would get an A….