More on religion in the classroom

For more on the teacher who says his principal won’t let him assign historical readings that mention God, here’s a San Jose Merc news story, plus a staff-written column and an op-ed column by Bill Evers, a County Board of Education member, who points out state standards require teachers to include the role of religion in teaching U.S. history. As he says, the facts of the case need to be determined: So far, we’ve got the teacher’s claims, vague allegations by a few parents and very little from the school district.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with handing out excerpts from the Canterberry Tales but what if they all included references to flatulence, pubic hair and fornication?

  2. Mr. Davis says:

    Then a lot more kids would be reading the Canterbury Tales, especially fifth grade boys.

    Thank you for this update, Joanne.

  3. We read Canterbury Tales in 10th grade, taking great joy in the sex and flatulence jokes. It probably was the raciest book we got to read in English class.


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