Less sex

Fewer teen-agers are having sex, and those who do are more likely to use contraceptives, says a federal report. Not surprisingly, teen pregnancy is down.

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  1. To be pithy: from this we are to assume that abstinence-only programs are a resoundingly failure and based on stupid notions of the denial of sexual desire.

  2. This is just anecdotal, but it seems like there’s a higher level of parental involvement in children’s lives these days. That might have more to do with it.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Those poor children – think of the repressions they are building up.

  4. Are they really not having as much sex? The story only mentions sexual intercourse.

    Again: not all sex is intercourse.

    I bet there’s more oral sex than in 1995. More anal sex than in 1995. More phone and internet dirtiness than in 1995. More exposure to porn than in 1995. And so on. But if Tommy Thompson says it’s a good thing, he can believe away.

    And to dfriedman: There doesn’t seem to be any relation to those stupid abstinence-only programs and the decline (if it is a decline) in “sexual activity” mentioned in the study. So there’s no need to be prematurely pithy-ous. Unless the study was concentrated on anti-sex methodologies (and properly designed, asked, answered, and then compiled,) we can’t assume much if anything in that regard.

    But I’d keep that pithy handy for when the results do come in.

  5. Walter E. Wallis says:

    “More phone and internet dirtiness than in 1995. More exposure to porn than in 1995.”
    To the extent that internet dirtiness and porn might be a replacement for the “Romance Novels” of the past, perhaps, but you don’t get KU or a dose over the internet. As for oral and anal sex, their efficacy at STD transmission makes them an evolutionary dead end except between monosexuals.

  6. Fewer teenagers are having sex?

    Gosh, I feel young.


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