Leave it behind

No Child Left Behind isn’t going away, writes Alex Russo in an article on the hot education issues of Bush’s second term.

Most of all, Democrats and NCLB opponents need a compelling new education agenda, well beyond being against NCLB and being for more money.

No kidding.

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  1. Oooh, fun read.

    NCLB isn’t going away any time soon. The only people who’re up in arms about it don’t have the weight to do anything about it.

    Here’s a quote about compliance with NCLB:

    “Very few districts and no states have turned down the money in order to opt out of NCLB.”

    At least as authoritative as a union web site, I’d say and, of course, the notion that any state would turn down federal dollars is simply too ridiculous to have any credibility.

    Mr. Russo also seems to think there’s life in the federal voucher issue, especially since the voucher program started operating in D.C. in ’04.

    And ’05 is the first year that one of the NCLBs most interesting facets comes into play: the closing or conversion to charters of failing schools.