Home-schoolers’ school

This St. Louis Post-Dispatch story on home-schooling families who aren’t weirdos describes a new-old idea: A part-time school to help parents educate their children.

(Traci) Hodges also worried that home schooling wouldn’t fit into her own career aspirations. But she found a perfect compromise at Dayspring, where Amoree attends an academy for home-schooled children two days a week. Hodges is now on the board at Dayspring.

As more working parents try to home-school, this should become more common.

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  1. I guess something like this bears repeating in view of the continuing effort of public education zealots to portray home-schoolers as gubmint hatin’ religious nuts but it’s already old news. Yuppie parents made up a substantial percentage of home-schoolers a couple of years ago.

    Of course they’re not quite so amenable to demonization as the religion-based home-schoolers.

  2. The idea of a few days a week offerings for home schoolers is becoming more common. There are at least two such schools, offering middle and high school classes, in Houston. And one for all grades in Austin.

    As an English teacher who never did understand geometry, I have taken advantage of the offering and my son goes to school MW for three hours for a geometry class.