Come to Nebraska for the sex?

Michael Meckler’s Red State features a bizarre story about a promotion for Doane College, a small college in Crete, Nebraska founded by Congregationalists. Trying to recruit out of state, Doane sent postcards to California students with cartoons showing fictional students.

The text box in the upper right corner reads, “Finally, a place where he could work toward the career of his choice.” Tim imagines himself as quarterback of the football team, and the small box below him reads, “…and also play the field…” What caused the controversy was the text box in the lower part of this split image, which depicts Tim imagining himself the center of attention for three co-eds: “…and play the field some more….”

Faculty and students complained the message was sexist and inappropriate. Red State explains:

A Doane college football player was arrested in May for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

Does “play the field” signify “engage in orgies” in Nebraska?

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  1. Richard Brandshaft says:

    What bothered me about the postcard was “Get a four-year college degree in four years–GUARANTEED.” What’s that supposed to mean? Hopefully, not that it’s impossible to flunk out.

    The relevance of “A Doane college football player was arrested in May for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.” escapes me, even assuming he actually did it.

    The bit about nobody knowing “play the field” refers to something sexual is hilarious.

  2. Using sex to catch the attention of eighteen year-old boys. What a concept.

  3. “Get a four-year college degree in four years–GUARANTEED.”

    I’m going to bet that means that they have enough sections of every required class that one need not extend a semester or two or three to get eveything he needs for graduation.

  4. Ross the Heartless Conservative says:

    Actually, the four year guarantee is spelled out fairly clearly on their website. Basically, take and pass the classes your adviser says to take and don’t change majors after your sophomore year. If you don’t graduate under those terms Doane will pick up the tab for your 5th year.

    I have always understood “playing the field” to mean dating a lot of different people. I was not aware that there was a restriction that sex had to be obtained frequently for the term to apply.

  5. greeneyeshade says:

    ross, you and i must be about the same age. i remember myself when ‘playing the field’ just meant dating a lot of women (women didn’t seem to date around so much; i suspect the culture didn’t approve back then). i’ve noticed that kids today don’t seem to play the field as much as our generation did _ it’s either packs or committed couples; i suspect because sex is involved as it didn’t used to be, but i haven’t got proof.

  6. Richard Brandshaft says:

    This probably breaks the stupid question record, but I want to know: what does “dating” mean? In my distant youth, it meant dinner, or dinner and a movie or some such. There was a sexual overtone in that the term didn’t apply to, say, brother and sister, couples otherwise disqualified, business meetings over meals, etc.

    Now, I’m unsure if it means what it used to, means the couple is having sex, is ambiguous, or what. Another symtom of old age: my native language is getting away from me.

  7. Ross the Heartless Conservative says:

    Being fairly old myself I can’t address the “what is dating” question from a position of authority. But then, I have never let ignorance of a topic stop me from commenting before so why start now. My understanding of dating is a somewhat formal meeting of two people who might have a sexual interest in one another. By somewhat formal meeting I would include going out to eat, seeing a movie, preparing a home cooked meal, and a host of other activities. Not included would be informal meetings such as meeting at a group function and hanging out together. i.e. going to the mall and hanging out with friends. Also, the college kids now engage in “hooking-up” which they do not consider dating but is just getting together for sex.

    I weird phenomenon from a few years ago is “group dating”. Kind of like double dating but with a bunch of kids getting together. My little brother and his friends did that a lot. I could understand the appeal of hooking-up be I never understood that appeal of frequent group dating.