Animal training

Tacoma pre-schoolers were pretending to be puppies, so an aide fed them dog food. Parents objected.

In an earlier incident in a town near Tacoma, a sixth grader was pressured by her teacher to eat meal worms as part of a “Fear Factor” competition.

Matt Rosenberg sees a sinister message: We’re all animals.

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  1. Heck, I ate dog food as a kid once, just to see what it tasted like.

    It was really nasty.

    And then, in middle school, a teacher fried up cicadas and offered them to anybody who wanted to chow down with her. I don’t think she got any takers, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, dog food isn’t poison, for crying out loud.

  2. What, no comments about cafeteria food?

  3. “No ill effects”? Oh good grief. Dog food won’t hurt a kid. It tastes pretty gross, but it’s hardly toxic. It sounds to me like the teaching assistant was being playful, and probably figured the kids would taste it and go “yuck!”

    As for the meal worms, that’s just sadistic. I can see a teacher bringing examples of things that Americans don’t normally eat that other cultures find normal, which can include mealworms, cicadas, sauteed tarantulas (a delicacy in Cambodia), and sashimi, and letting kids try it if they want to.

    But a “Fear Factor” competition where kids are pressured into such disgusting stuff? That’s simple cruelty.