Affirmative action for males

Male students now benefit from affirmative action, notes Discriminations, which links to a USA Today story on the academic struggles of boys. Girls earn higher grades, are more likely to go on to college.

The problem [of a growing gender imbalance] has already grown so severe that three out of every four private colleges (an informal estimate from admissions directors) quietly practice affirmative action for boys, favoring them over girls in admissions to get near balance.

The quest for balance hurts the high-achieving racial minority, Asian-Americans, and the higher-achieving gender, women.

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  1. Joanne — As an almost 50 year female, I know my career path was greatly assisted by affirmative action when I entered the work force 30 years ago. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and now work for one of the top 100 family friendly corporations in the USA.

    But…I am also the mother of two very bright boys. One of them, three years ago in 6th grade, after hearing an author talk about the discrimination against boys, opened up and said it was clearly going on in his middle school. Many, many years ago the pendulum moved far to the female side to give them the skills they needed to succeed in math, science, careers, etc. (It wasn’t that the girls could not do science or math, they were not encouraged to do it — I know because my high school math teacher told me not to take additional math after Algebra II. Well, I did. I took calculus in college, got tutored through the first quarter but made it on my own after that.) I would have thought by now the pendulum would have moved back to the middle so the playing field would be level for all equally qualified and talented people.

    I am glad to see people are waking up to the fact that the male is being discriminated against. Maybe the teachers, businesses, etc. will begin to treat all students and qualified applicants equally and make sure they develop the skills needed to best they can be regardless of sex or race.

    I love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. Sorry for ranting here, but how is it that girls bet a myriad of specially tailored programs, and normally a huge amount of emotional support while all the boys get is detention, punishment, and basically have to find their own darn way in the world?

    Even as adults in our workplace, we have to go to silly lengths to make the women feel “special”, and try to do things to convince them that they’re getting something that everyone else *isn’t*, just to keep them happy. It’s crazy.
    They all seem to get kudos, and a huge amount of latitude when it comes to irrational personal dwelling. What we fellas have to is work about 60 hours a week.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    We can all hope that some day Dr. King’s dream comes true.

  4. Hmmmm….as an Asian female, I guess I have two strikes against me (heh heh…I shall overcome!). Whatever…I’m sick of affirmative action. It’s supposed to be okay because discrimination against the majority is grrrreat!

    Joe N. — way to generalize. You just lost a lot of credibility right there.

  5. One problem is, no one gets grants, press coverage, or professional acknowledgment from studying the problems boys face in the educational system.

    I’m young, but old enough to remember seeing that boys got detention, and thinking that it was because they goofed off more.