A positive attitude run amok

An election post-mortem in the January 2005 NEA Today declared, “The good news: A golden opportunity to reshape the Republican Party.” Education Intelligence Agency, laughs at NEA’s positive attitude.

What’s missing from this fantasy is what benefit the GOP is supposed to reap in exchange. What is the NEA sales pitch? “Let us do for you what we’ve done for the Democrats?”

You broke it. You bought it.

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  1. What alternatives does the NEA have?

    It’s an industrial union at a time when the assumptions their industry is built on are changing. They can’t accept the changes and they can’t stop them. All they’ve got left is denial.


  1. Why do these things wear out so quickly?

    [source, source] Addressing the post-election world, the [NEA Today] editorial is headlined “What Now?” Aha, I thought. Introspection! Then came…