A job for Jenna

Jenna Bush, a University of Texas graduate in English, has applied for a job as a teacher at a charter school in Washington, D.C. that serves low-income students.

The Elsie Whitlow Stokes school has 250 pupils enrolled in kindergarten through sixth grade, features immersion classes in Spanish and French, and emphasizes community service. Its children, who are largely Hispanic and African American, visit soup kitchens and participate in an annual walk for the homeless.

Via Jenny D and EdWonk.

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  1. Mike in Texas says:

    I’m just wondering; how will she be “highly qualified” as her father’s law requires if she has an English degree and no teaching credentials?

  2. That would be “Ted Kennedy’s law” as well.

    And what makes you thing she doesn’t have teaching credentials? She’s got her BA and after that, all she has to do is take a credentialling test for elementary school. For middle- and high-school she has to take tests demonstrating subject-area knowledge.

    Here’s the link:

    Don’t you just love the Internet?

  3. Mad Scientist says:

    MiT, are you the same yahoo that when this was announced over the summer, you didn’t think she had the guts to follow through?

    If it wasn’t, then whoever did needs to admit they were wrong.

  4. Mike in Texas says:

    Mad Scientist, I believe you have me mistaken with some other yahoo. I’m the yahoo who keeps pointing out the real purpose of NCLB is to destroy public education so that rich Republican donators can get there hands on the education money.

  5. What’s a matter Mike? Not happy to be reminded that some of the folks who want to “destroy public education” are named Kennedy?

  6. SiliconValleySteve says:

    So let’s see the greedy self-centered, party-girl, Republican’s daughter is going to teach the underprivileged. And the generous perfect-child Chelsea is working in Manhatten for a big-business consulting firm for big bucks after blowing off Oxford just like her horny hillbilly dad.

    If it was the other way around, just imagine how the mainstream media would play it.


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