Spellings bound

Margaret Spellings, appointed to replace Rod Paige as Education secretary, isn’t an advocate of school choice, conservatives fear. Eduwonk breaks the story on Spellings’ debut. Go to Eduwonk too for links to news stories on Spellings. When I tried to go to the New York Times, I froze my mother’s computer. (I think it’s the computer, not a statement on Mainstream Media.)

I’m visiting my parents for a few days. My father’s had a mild stroke. It’s not too bad. But it would have been nice to skip the whole thing. So don’t expect first-class blogging.

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  1. superdestroyer says:

    I wonder where her own children go to school. Do they go to elite private schools in DC like virtually everyone in the upper reaches of government? What is her commitment to public education and will she subject her own children to the policies that she plans to implement?