Reluctant voters

Across the country, voters were reluctant to spend more on education or change education policy, reports Education Week in its election round-up.

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  1. John from OK says:

    I love the values of these guys:
    “It was a bad day for education,” said John G. Matsusaka ….
    I guess because now we’ll only spend $10,000 per student nationwide and not $10,500.

    “It requires creative thinking,” said Jennifer D. Bowser….
    refering to alternate funding initiatives.

    As in Oklahoma, which just approved a state lottery (money for our kids!), just approved slot machines at racetracks (money for our kids!), and just approved an 80 CENTS PER PACK cigarette tax (money for our kids!). I.e., 3 new regressive taxes in an already poor state. This follows about 4 straight sales taxes increases in our county in the last few years, the last one specifically for “top notch schools FOR OUR KIDS!”

    The common complaint here is that our teacher’s salaries rank 48th or 49th in the country. They never mention the average salary for EVERYBODY is 48th or 49th in the country, and that it’s dirt cheap to live here (note to Californians – I’m lying).

    Other than that, no complaints – check out the county by county presidential map – OKLAHOMA IS ALL RED!

    As usual Tim from TX, I welcome your rebuttal on teacher pay but you damn well better not say anything about the Texas-OSU game!

  2. Tim from Texas says:

    John from OK, I’m assuming you intended to address Mike in Texas. If not, then please relate to me which comments I have made that sparked you.