No brains

An ad campaign funded by a hip-hop clothing line called Akademiks urges boys: “Read Books, Get Brain.” “Get brain” doesn’t refer to intelligence, explains the New York Daily News.

It’s slang for oral sex.

… High school students across the city immediately picked up on the dual meaning. One provocative ad features a curvy, panty-clad woman, on her knees, holding an open book. She isn’t reading it.

… In some posters, young men wear buttoned-down shirts, bulky sweaters and oversized jeans but the women are clad in hot pants and tight sweaters. In one ad, a boy is reading with a half-dressed girl sitting on his lap.

The ads are running across the country.

Update: Avery, who has mixed feelings about the ads, posts a photo. Suggestive.

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  1. Ew.

    That’s almost enough to make me give up reading.

    (I’m generally not rabid-feminist, but the one with the normally dressed guy and the scantily clad woman makes me want to go all old-school Gloria Steinem on them).

  2. mike from oregon says:

    To me, this is part of what this last election was about – morals. Constantly young people are bombarded with the message that sex ain’t no big deal. Sex has nothing to do with love or morals, the secular society has done a terrific job of managing to separate all three and they keep pounding this message – no connection between the three – into the minds of young people. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve read where upset liberals berate the people who voted for Bush as ‘ignorant’ and ‘uneducated’ – of course as they are calling them names and berating them, they can’t figure out why these folks wouldn’t want to vote/join them (let’s see, I’ve just insulted the heck out of you, won’t you please join my cause?).

    I guess manners and TRUE tolerance (along with morals) are no longer taught in school. Public schools are a disaster.

  3. If you’ve got to stoop that low to get them to read, perhaps it’s better that they not read. Who knows, illiteracy could curb the tide of STDs among the young.

  4. Sooo… Does it work?

  5. This topic is too vulgar for me to offer a comment to mixed company.