How Kerry lost the kid vote

A Tennessee teacher explains why Bush won the student election by a landslide:

The funny thing is that one of my students just rushed up to me upon hearing the results over the intercom and said, “John Kerry said he was going to make us go to school on Saturdays!

Karl Rove is everywhere!

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  1. At least he didn’t come up and claim Bush was going to draft him.

  2. In my youth group, it was split: between the kids who didn’t want to go to school year-round (someone said Kerry was in favor of that) and the kids who were worried about being drafted (or their big brothers being drafted – someone said Bush was in favor of that).

    Nice how the scare tactics seem to trickle down.

  3. “John Kerry said he was going to make us go to school on Saturdays!”

    I can remember hearing that one as a kid around 1965 or so. I think they were saying it about Nixon, which doesn’t make sense, but maybe the rumor had been floating around for a few years before it got to me.

  4. My students who favored Bush believed the following:

    Kerry is all for abortion.
    Iraq destroyed the Twin Towers.
    Kerry injured himself to get his Purple Hearts.


  1. chris correa says:

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