Home again

I’m back home again. My father’s recovering fairly well from his stroke, though he’s going to be in rehab for awhile. It’s too bad he can’t accrue frequent patient points. He’d have enough for a full body transplant.

While I was in southern California, I got to have lunch with blogger-journalists Cathy Seipp, Matt Welch and his wife Emmanuelle Richard. I always enjoy meeting online friends in the physical world. Which I do not think of as “meatspace.”

I’m not really back to normal, however, because I have to concentrate my time on finishing my book by the deadline. Must. Finish. Book.

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  1. Steve LaBonne says:

    Glad to hear your dad’s doing well; best wishes for a very successful rehab.

  2. Walter E. Wallis says:

    They have done wonders for strokes since my Dad’s day.

    In your spare time, tell us about New York.

    How long do you thaw turkey for one?

  3. Welcome home!

    Finish the book! Then we can all read (and buy) it!

    (Glad to hear your father’s feeling better…)