French intolerance

A French school expelled three Sikh students for wearing turbans.

The French secularity law, primarily aimed at stemming the growing numbers of Muslim girls wearing headscarves in school, came into force at the beginning of September.

It prohibits the wearing of religious symbols and also banned Christian crosses and Jewish skullcaps.

Sikh males wear turbans to control their hair, which their religion requires them to leave uncut. Most French schools let Sikhs wear a smaller turban. The Elysee Louise Michel north-east of Paris segregated the turban-wearing Sikhs when school started in September, forcing them to study from worksheets in the cafeteria, and expelled them on Friday.

A dozen or more Muslim girls have been expelled for covering their hair.

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  1. The parents moved to France voluntarily, so the onus is on them to adapt to the local culture, not the other way around.

    If the superficial outward expression of every aspect of their religion is that important to them that they can’t adapt even a little bit, they can always return to their precious homelands, where they can live the same lives as their medieval ancestors.

    By the way, in the case of the Sikhs, in addition to the turbans, the religion also demands that males wear concealed daggers. Would you like to allow that too?

  2. It’s very telling that the one aspect of Muslim culture that gets under the Frenchmen’s (fore)skin is not the violence, but the modesty… out of all the cultural friction points, THIS is what they pick as a rallying point for western culture – forcing immodesty on young women?

    Perhaps it would have been more to the point to insure that more Muslim girls complete their educations…

  3. I’m with IMAO on this one:

    The French finally manage to stand up to someone! True, it’s only a couple of little girls, but they’re making progress. Next week: small yappy dogs.


  4. mike from oregon says:

    Boo – you are incorrect (sort of). Yes, the parents chose to live in France, but before this last September, the wearing of turbans, crosses and skull caps was fine. It’s merely PC going overboard. I don’t know how they do things in France (probably don’t want to know) but it is just another reason to get rid of the present frogs running that country.

    I guess I feel about Chiroc (did I spell that right, I don’t care) about the same way that the French government felt/feels about Bush; and I’m glad that he makes them mad.

  5. Odd how at this site the French take it on the chin for restricting the religious expression of Muslims, and take it on the chin all over the right half of the blogosphere for allowing their country to be taken over by Muslims…

    Personally I find the measures rather odious, but have no doubt that if the French gov’t chose to back down on this measure, they would be pilloried for giving in to the kidnappers, surrendering to Muslim elements in their own country, and obviously shortly becoming a Muslim nation.

  6. Steve LaBonne says:

    Many France-admiring lefties in the US are blissfully unaware of the fact that ACLU-like championing of civil liberties is a phenomenon that has never been known in ultra-statist France.

  7. Mike from Oregon,
    US schools routinely ban items of clothing and colors if they think allowing the students to wear them would disrupt the educational environment.

    As religious symbols are becoming the equivalent of gang colors in France, they are disrupting the educational environment. This isn’t a modesty or cultural issue, it’s a dress code issue that protects the students (somewhat) from being harrassed while in compulsory education, and makes it a bit more difficult for religious gang violence to occur.

  8. >>By the way, in the case of the Sikhs, in addition to the turbans, the religion also demands that males wear concealed daggers. Would you like to allow that too?

    Posted by boo at November 7, 2004 03:43 AM

  9. mike from oregon says:

    Boo – everything that I’ve seen on this, your contention isn’t correct. Here is a link to a story by PBS (certainly not a conservative source) –

    Quoted throughout the story is the fact that France wants to clamp down on religion in it’s public institutions. No show of religion of any kind in ANY public institution.

    Like I said before, disputing your first posting, it was NOT like that when the parents first moved there. Have I mentioned I don’t like the French?