Tracback spam

Now that I’ve figured out how to block spam comments, a robot has put hundreds of pornographic trackback links on old posts. I keep deleting them, but it’s laborious. Does anyone know how to deal with this? I’m not putting trackback on new posts, but it takes forever to remove it from old posts.

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  1. The easiest is to turn off TB pings in MT. Second easiest is to install MT Blacklist. It won’t stop all of the spam (I still get maybe 25/day) but it will stop perhaps 90% (Yes, I really do get about 250 attempts per day). I would also add that you can then IP ban anyone who attempts to post crap. Their IP address will show up in your MT activity log.



  2. IMHO, blocking IP addresses in MT is a waste of time. 99% of the people spamming you won’t use the same IP address again. I experimented with trying to block all comments from the European IP addresses, since they seem to originate almost all the comment spam. It didn’t work – I was blocking legitimate readers too. Probably user error – I never really tried to figure it out.

    I use MTCloseComments, which is a plug in that automatically closes comments after a set period of time. I use 10 days – and that seems to eliminate 99% of the comment spam. I’ve never had a TB spam – so I’m assuming CloseComments is blocking that too.

  3. Making Light had the same problem I think.

    I’m not sure what to recommend to you, as I use TypePad and they, being nannies, catch most of this debris.

    I’d read the comment stream–the Making Light regular-reader patrol is particularly helpful.

  4. MT-Blacklist works on content, including email address. It can optionally block both trackbacks and comments. There is a file with common spam signatures, but there is some discussion over whether it’s updated enough.

    I use both the close-comments and blacklist plug-ins. I’ve got the “bob” robot stopped cold now. Of course, I don’t have nearly your traffic…

  5. Joanne,

    I had a bunch of hassle trying to install Blacklist; however, I upgraded to MT 3.11, and its interface allows you to view as little as 20 comments at a time, or up to ALL of them if you choose. With this, you can zap all unwanted spam by deleting it all in one fell swoop, not one at a time as the MT 2.X versions mandated.