Teacher man

Indiana elementary schools are trying to grow their own male teachers who can serve as role models for children from single-parent homes.

As a boy, Keith Beatty was branded a troublemaker in Lawrence Township. Today, his hometown wants to give him a new title: teacher.

The used Plymouth Neon that gets the kindergarten aide to and from the IUPUI campus, where he takes night classes, came from a local physicist he’s never met. Parents, retirees and others have chipped in to pay his tuition bills.

The outpouring was triggered by school officials who saw potential in Beatty — and because Beatty is a man.

School officials in Indiana and nationwide are looking for more than a few good men to offset gender gaps in teaching, particularly in elementary school classrooms.

As a black man, Beatty, who’s 29, is especially valued.

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  1. Bluemount says:

    I glad to see more men get involved in education and I hope they come from every walk of life. The implication that he is going to help single parents home seems like a stretch. A parent is there for your whole life.

  2. Well, football players get their way paid and get cars (and more flash cars than Mr. Beatty), so why not do it for someone who will actually add long-term value to the community?

  3. A 29-year-old man who hasn’t got his own car and is still getting through school, which he can’t afford to pay for? Yep, that’s a perfect role model. This is not just patronizing, it’s sickening.

  4. This is one more example of the schools picking teachers on something other than their content knowledge and ability to teach. I really don’t think it matter in the long run whether teachers are men or women, it matters if they walk in the door every day and do their jobs well. What’s a kid who didn’t learn to read going to say? “Oh, well it’s all good ’cause I had a dude as a teacher in first grade.” I don’t think so. The kid’s going to say: “I CAN’T READ!”

    Schools (and the government at large) should get away from this idea that traits like gender and race really matter in hiring. They don’t. What matters is who will do the best job in the position. A skilled teacher is more important than a male or female teacher. Period.


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