So much for merit pay

John Kerry favors merit pay for teachers only if the teachers’ union approves, reports Education Intelligence Agency.

It also appears the Kerry campaign has squared the circle regarding its stated support for performance pay in the face of NEA opposition. Kerry education adviser Robert Gordon told the Cleveland Plain Dealer the performance pay plan would be voluntary and subject to collective bargaining with local teachers’ unions. “No one would be forced to do it,” Gordon said.

Via Ryan Sager.

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  1. Jack Tanner says:

    Joanne – the Dems will never cross the teachers unions. Never. Sometimes you make reference to certain Dem politicians positions on ed issues but you’re going to the wrong source for their views. Don’t go to the mouth that is saying them go to the NEA where they are being dictated.

  2. Ten percent of the delegates at the DNC convention were teachers. What else does anyone need to know?