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You can participate in a survey by University of Tennessee researchers of how people use the Internet for political information. Follow the link.

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  1. kdoh_2000 says:

    I took the survey, I think I’ll also link to it. I do think that not only bloggers, but readers are extremely well informed and influential. It’s amazing to me how often during relatively informal discussions, something I read in the morning or the night before adds to the conversation. Downside: people keep asking what you know about such-and-such!

  2. Foobarista says:

    The poll is good and I hope they get good results.
    Annoyingly, it is a bit pedantic on insisting that you fill in all the bubbles 🙂

    Since I don’t use chat-rooms or IM, I didn’t want to respond to those questions. Instead I used the lowest rating and sent them an email.


  1. Do You Make A Difference?

    Joanne Jacobs links to a survey by the University of Tennessee on how people use the internet for political information. I took the survey and would say they are looking at not only how the internet is used, but also what is influencing the influence…