Not a class act

Instapundit surrogate Ann Althouse is right on in her critique of the use of Wisconsin students — during class time — to get out the vote in Democratic neighborhoods.

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  1. Left in Texas says:

    I think early civic engagement of this sort is important and valuable, probably more so than a day or two in school. I’d say the same about kids canvassing Republican neighborhoods.

  2. Mad Scientist says:

    Do you mean “early civic engagement” whereby students at Marquette voted 4-6 times for Gore in 2000 kind of civic engagement?

    Perhaps you mean “early and often civic engagement”.

    I pay my taxes to the schools to teach the kids. Not to use them as political operatives, or slave labor (under the guise of required community service).

    Get your priorities straight.

  3. Mike in Texas says:

    According to this practice has been suspended.

  4. Are these kids going to be confiscated for their labor?

    What exactly are they learning asking people to register to vote? Is their reading getting better? Their math? Is their understanding of the mechanics of an election getting better? I’d say no. Yes, they’re participating, but being a grunt makes it mighty hard too see the big picture of the election.

    The only thing they’ve learned, in my opinion, is that government can demand uncompensated labor from them. This is a lesson that should be un-learned soon.