Indian teachers thrive in Cleveland

Three years ago, Cleveland recruiters hired 50 science, math and special education teachers from India. Forty-two are still teaching in Cleveland; the district is applying for green cards for them, reports the Plain Dealer.

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  1. Bluemount says:

    My friends from India once loved the scho

  2. Bluemount says:

    Opps, my friends from India loved schools in the US because they had more resources and kinder to the children. Things have changed a lot since then. Now I suspect we will find foreign teachers have more compassion for their students and are more dedicated to education. I could make a similar statement for the people who came to the US from Cuba after the Bay of Pigs. The impact on Florida natives was harsh since they were competing with the bilingual, well-educated upper class of Cuba. Their contribution was a civil and powerful assimilation into American society. People who overcome hardships and find peaceful coexistance are enduring leaders.
    Hauser said the Indian teachers have turned out to be “some of the best teachers in the district.”

  3. Rudbeckia Hirta says:

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. New teachers in went to public school that weren’t so hot, and many of their own educations suffered for it: it’s hard to improve the schools when so many of the teachers have significant gaps in their education. (Anyone commenting on education really needs to visit their local state university or community college and stop by the “math for pre-service K-8 teachers” class.). By bringing in highly motivated, capable, and bright teachers from other countries, we have a chance to break the cycle and for our next generation of teachers to come from a strong background.

  4. It must be great to get some teachers who are competent in their subject, and who will not disgorge all the irrelevant bilge inculcated in the left-wing loony bins that are America’s teachers colleges. How’d the teachers unions let this one get past them?

  5. John from OK says:

    Sounds like we’re shooting ourselves again. We hire doctors from India because the AMA keeps a lid on med shool students. We hire math/sci teachers from India because the NEA won’t let us pay different salaries for different skill sets.

    On the bright side, those math and science teachers will probably just teach math and science. I think the left did drop the ball on this one.