Hip to be retrosexual

“Chav” — a “slightly derogatory term for young men who wear cheap gold jewelry, tracksuits and baseball caps” and use mobile phones — must be strictly British. I’ve never heard of it. (It’s supposed to be of Gypsy derivation.) But there are some keeper buzzwords in Larpers and Shroomers: The Language Report, which looks at new words created in the last 100 years. Consider “retrosexual,” the opposite of “metrosexual.” A “retrosexual” is “a man who spends as little time and money as possible on his appearance.”

“Freeganism” advocates “getting as much of one’s food as possible from free sources.”

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  1. Done. Always happy to help out a fellow word junkie.

  2. Chatiryworld–who lives in the land of Chavs–has a post on the phenomenon:


    There’s something there too about natural eyebrows plucked out and pencil ones–very high above the eye–drawn in. I’ve been trying to find a photo.