Germany jails homeschooling dads

In Germany, fathers in a religious community were jailed for refusing to send their children to public school.

Twelve Tribes members believe in homeschooling their children to impart their religious values.

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  1. Oh, my — II’ve been reading investigative journalism about this group since I started reading something other than the comics — I grew up in Chattanooga, TN, where they were founded (follow the web links). Their names have changed (both organizationally and personally) but the story could’ve been published in Chattanooga in 1978.

    The basic issue that usually gets them investigated isn’t the homeschooling per se – though in Germany that might be enough of a crime to send them to jail. The usual issue they get taken to court over is Child Labor. They first discovered the-community-that-works-together-stays-together method of organization with a restaurant in Chattanooga, the Yellow Submarine (does the name give you any idea of when they were founded?) and they’re still doing it.

    Perhaps they have legitimate reasons to homeschool, but local authorities are always suspicious that it’s really aimed at maximizing work hours.

  2. Zippy The Pinhead says:

    This group could probably be safely described as a cult.

    This may not be a very good example of the nanny state vs. the homeschooling crowd.