Dignity or else

The Students’ Association at St. Andrews University in Scotland is threatening to ban the student newspaper for violating students’ “right to dignity.” The Saint is financially independent, but rents space from the student union. According to Samizdata:

Three years ago, a campaign against The Saint was run by a group of anti-capitalist students. They charged that it was too right-wing, and a flat window on College Street was taken up by posters attacking the newspaper.

The student union has repeately tried to compete with The Saint, bringing out a succession of free newspapers and a magazine, but none have enjoyed success — or regularity of production. Union officers have complained over several years that The Saint doesn’t give their side of the story.

Now the union has found that the newspaper is in violation of the union’s Equal Opportunities Policy on the grounds that it does not respect students’ “right to dignity.” This seems to refer to a section of the paper called ‘Halo’ which features pictures from parties and events, generally of students fairly drunk and in strange poses. There is a caption underneath each photo.

Student government types always complain the student newspaper is unfair. The “right to dignity” is a new one, though.

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  1. I suppose you could say the students in the photos have a “right to dignity”; they just failed to exercise it in front of the cameras.

  2. Act with dignity and your dignity won’t be violated. This complaint ranks up there with those convicted of soliciting hookers complaining when the court notice appears in the paper.


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