Democracy under pressure

Everybody’s talking about democracy on Iraq’s university campuses. But democracy can mean the right to retake a failed exam or the right to ban women wearing pants.

Nadhum al Abadi is an engineering professor at al Mustansiriya and the general secretary of the Green Crescent association on the Baghdad University campus. That group advocates human rights and peaceful dialogue between students and professors.

“When the change happened, Iraq was like a big prison cell that suddenly opened, and people were finally free and able to express themselves,” al Abadi said.

“It was like a pressure pot that exploded,” he said. “With time, it will calm down.”

Let’s hope they learn something about respecting minority rights.

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  1. “Like American universities, Iraqi campuses provide a haven for open political thought.”

    Like American universities? And what alternate reality is this reporter living in?

  2. boo wrote:

    And what alternate reality is this reporter living in?

    It’s the relative difference between pre-invasion Iraqi universities and U.S. universities that the reporter is probably referring to. After all, when the slightest deviation from the approved, party line results in summary execution then the sort of outrageous, politically-motivated behaviour indulged in by lefty college profs looks pretty good.

    I don’t know about you but being hounded out of a class you’ve registered for by the bug-eyed bigot behind the podium is infinitely preferable to a bullet in the head.

  3. Good point, allen.