Decadence is powerful

China’s Communist Party wants to beef up political indoctrination of university students.

The document demands more student participation in compulsory military training and tougher party control over student groups, especially among new types of campus organizations such as online communities.

It singled out campus Internet bulletin boards, among the freest forums for discussion in China, where criticism of the government can bring a long prison term. Such forums must be made to serve the goals of political indoctrination, it said.

“Decadent lifestyles” and technology make a powerful combination.

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  1. Bluemount says:

    Other measures included offering free museum tickets to further “patriotic education,” as well as encouraging government offices and businesses to support student charity work.
    The National Geographic reported levels of polution in major Chinese cities that are so high smoking a pack of cigarettes a day doesn’t change the cancer rate. In the last 10 years childhood cancer has skyrocketed, children color the sky gray and over 100 million farmers are fueling the largest human migration in work history who are looking for work. The UN reports that China is nearly self-sufficient in food production and the NYT’s reports China is quickly becoming more influential than the US in trade with Asian Pacific countries like staunch allies in Australia. As China’s citizen squabble over resources that are considered petty by world standards, you can watch another long train of Chinese products travel to a US city evey 20 minutes. It’s absolute proof that slavery is alive and ablsolute power invites the world to it’s door.
    His dying debt was $80. Had he been among China’s urban elite, Zheng Qingming would have spent more on a trendy cellphone. But he was one of the hundreds of millions of peasants far removed from the country’s new wealth. His public high school tuition alone consumed most of his family’s income for a year.

    The only alternative to a painful and early death is an education. The only allowable protest is suicide. We are led to believe the use of schools for propaganda is a ‘new’ trend? Maybe the question is how to make people believe elitist indifference serves ultimate good for all.
    Around here a kid was expelled for 10 days because at home, after school he sarcastically made a comment about a banana and someone’s privates. Regardless of how we might feel about appropriate social behavior, there is a price for delegating social controls to the state.

  2. Bluemount says:

    I failed to mention the banana comment was made online and the transcript that nearly permanently expelled the teen from public education wasn’t presented for 2 months. The study of manipulative influence isn’t limited to China.

    “A comprehensive, nationwide media study identifying journalists and news organizations writing favorable stories on President Bush and his political party’s commitment to education has only a political purpose,” they wrote.

    The articles were ranked by how frequently and favorably they mentioned 11 features of the new law, and according to the company’s written description, whether or not they portrayed “the Bush administration/the G.O.P. as committed to education.”

  3. “The document demands more student participation in compulsory military training and tougher party control over student groups”

    Apart from the compulsory military training, sounds like higher ed.