Cabbage-patch kids

Natalie Solent links to a teacher’s rant, Your Child is an Illiterate Cabbage, about writing progress reports on students.

Natalie’s husband is a teacher. She includes his favorite student progress report on a lad suspended for torching the lavatory.

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  1. Bluemount says:

    Determining who’s at fault for the growing cost of special needs is confusing in light of evidence the compassion help is sometimes unwelcome.
    If indeed the goal is not to move students into the mainstream, then the test certainly is succeeding. While 20 percent of eligible pupils in New York City passed the Language Assessment Battery two years ago, only 7.5 percent passed the new exam, Mr. Kadamus said. Yet, during the 2002-2003 academic year, more than half the city’s English Language Learners passed the English Regents.
    The scores would dictate who got to move into the school’s English-speaking mainstream and who stayed in a separate, slower track, putatively to become more fluent.
    Only 4 pupils of nearly 600 from Richmond Hill who took the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test passed it. Incredibly, more than 60 of those failures already had passed the state Regents exam in English, the traditional benchmark for college-bound students.

    Or harsh punishment for students.

    The 17-year-old — who joined the school’s Civil War Club after seeing a school-sponsored ad encouraging students to get involved with the group — was called down to the assistant principal’s office Tuesday, where he was told that a weapon had been spotted in his car

    But it didn’t happen that way. Town of Crawford Police were called and Phelps was cuffed and charged with a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of a weapon.
    Phelps’ mother questions why give the students fake guns and then arrest them.
    Pine Bush School Superintendent RoseMarie Stark called the incident a student discipline matter and declined to comment further.

    I guess I’ve talked about counter elitism, but this isn’t what I meant. This boy may not graduate now. There seems to be no thoughtful adult authority using common sense


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