Buying bigger breasts

Teen-age girls are paying plastic surgeons for breast implants, reports the Washington Post.

For decades, plastic surgery for teenage girls meant one thing — a nose job, frequently performed during the summer between high school and college. While rhinoplasty remains the most common cosmetic operation for teenagers, doctors are performing an increasing number of procedures such as breast implants, liposuction and tummy tucks on young women like (Nicole) Casto and even girls as young as 14.

The enormous popularity of reality TV shows such as “Extreme Makeover,” “The Swan” and MTV’s “I Want a Famous Face,” as well as an explosion of Web sites that extol the virtues of cosmetic medicine, has fueled the desire of adolescent girls to alter their bodies permanently, and they are finding more surgeons willing to oblige them. Breast implants and liposuction are now bestowed by parents as graduation or birthday gifts. Some doctors say they have performed breast augmentations on baby-boomer mothers and their teenage daughters.

The lead example is a 19-year-old single mother who works as a waitress. Wouldn’t you think she’d have better uses for the money?

I did a lot of research on the safety of breast implants when it was a hot issue. Basically, there’s no evidence that implants cause autoimmune disease or any other disease, as once feared; the surgery may leave uncomfortable or painful scar tissue.

On the other hand, Number 2 Pencil links to a story saying that modesty is in vogue.

Skin is no longer in, say the trend-spotters. Not even for teens and twentysomethings.

Miniskirts, skimpy tops and those embarrassing, thong-baring jeans are on the way out. They are being replaced by high-waist pants, long-sleeve tunics and knee-grazing skirts.

The latest fashion watchword is modesty.

. . . In a single season, fashion has flipped from cheesy to cutesy.

There’s some backlash involved, but it’s mostly that fashionistas need to keep changing styles so shoppers feel the need to buy new clothes.

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  1. I am not commenting from a scientific or medical standpoint… more from the user end.

    I’ve encountered the fake breasts in girlfriends. Its it not true that breast implants do not cause damage, at least in those I’ve encountered. Perhaps the women I’ve known didn’t spend enough money and suffered from poor workmanship.

    Sensate function is very dramatically reduced in false breasts. Forgive me for being so blunt, but the nipples just don’t seem to work, that is in performing their sexual function.

    So, beware women. You may be sacrificing an important part of your sexual responsiveness when you decide on breast implants.

  2. Um… kids are getting more modest? Really? Because from what I see around my college campus, they’re as bad as ever. I have UNDERWEAR with more material to it than a lot of the shorts you can buy at Old Navy these days.

  3. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Come on, now. Next you will be claiming that skirt lengths are changed to sell more skirts.

  4. Breast implants for a waitress can be an income-enhancing investment.

    Liposuctions I can understand, considering the “epidemic of obesity among our children”.

    Breast implants for teenagers, though? Ick. Most implants I’ve encountered have become rock-hard – I believe the mechanism is the formation of scar tissue around the implant.

  5. Bluemount says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if economic independence has caused women to feel more secure. I worry the most about girls suffering from anorexia. With all the hype on success and thiness I expect their numbers and deathtoll will climb.

  6. The fashion thing: Some Mormon teens started a petition in spring 2003 asking Dillard’s (a Macy’s=like chain) for more modest–no, less skanky skeeza clothing. There was also a story earlier in the year (soorry, can’t find the dang ref) that high end fashion was going toward less slut wear.

    And from boing boing:

    Modesty hacks for fashion-conscious Mormon youth Jen magazine offers tips for fashion-conscious young Mormons who want the latest styles, but don’t want to show off their midriffs.
    Fashion Fixes
    Jeans too low?
    Shirt Too Short, Sheer or Low Cut? Pants Too Low?
    Skirt too short? Pants too low or tight?
    Can’t Find Jeans That Cover Your Stomach?
    Answers to these perplexing problems can be found here. Link ( (via Growabrain ( ) —

  7. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘On the other hand, Number 2 Pencil links to a story saying that modesty is in vogue’

    I went to a bar right near Bentley College to watch Red Sox-Yankees game 7. The modesty trend must be a trend that hasn’t caught on there yet. Especially when a couple of the co-eds decided to drop the top in celebration!

  8. As for plastic surgery: it’s rather unfortunate how the shows gloss over potential discomforts and risks. I had to have an emergency rhinoplasty-like operation at 13 (after an accident) and the recovery from it was pure hell. I swore I’d never go under the knife again unless my life was at stake.

    I wonder how many of these kids are unpleasantly surprised?

    As for the fashion, I’ll just be happy when I can easily find non-low-rider slacks again. I’m long-waisted, so not only are they immodest on me, they’re downright uncomfortable. I’ve been babying along the pairs of pre-low-rider-ubiquity slacks I own, hoping they don’t wear out (or I don’t get indelible ink on them) before the winds of fashion change again. (I know how to sew but I draw the line at dress slacks).