All-USA teachers

USA Today honors 20 oustanding teachers.

For some All-USA Teacher Team members, selling their students on education starts with showing them where it’s taking them. From the start, English teacher Suzanne Ransleben illuminates the path from Corpus Christi’s Carroll High to college, encouraging freshmen to take the standardized PSAT so they can gain experience and see how far they’ve come when it counts for scholarships their junior year.

She also brings fun to the fundamentals with activites like Grammar Football, a sure crowd-pleaser in Texas. Student passers are nouns, receivers are direct objects and action verbs are the footballs. Ransleben calls plays, with adjectives sticking to nouns, prepositions blocking phrases, and indirect objects occasionally intercepting. Pretty soon, everybody understands that subjects, verbs and objects drive the action — “Everything else just hangs on,” she says.

Who says this blog doesn’t do heart-warming?

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  1. Bluemount says:

    I have seen teachers who are an inspiration to their peers, parents and students. They could fit in a progressive model or restained circumstance and they would figure out how to reach their students. In this article the accomplishment is attributed to a method instead of the individual. In reality the people I’ve know to perform at this level are experienced, knowledgable and have extensive additional levels of natural skill. It’s essential to have brilliant people for a system to evolve, but it’s not what makes a system work.

    The foundation of business is the dull, predicatable, repeatable activity that can be performed by the experienced, honest, hard-working person. Once a stable foundation is established individuals grow that repeatedly respond to business wars and crisis effectively. The stakes are huge, every corporation or business will eventually collaspe that rests on dull, repetitious behavior; and being able to challenge that process requires a respected, war-torn general that understands the work, the community and can mediate appropriate action. The people with these kinds of broad ability do not control the business process but they do control the way a business evolves. No one teaches these people to be who they are.

    I believe the biggest failure in progressive education would occur with any method that attempted to predict the needs of an evolving social change and address that need with a package solution. Progressive simply try to claim they can manufacture a general. In the business world the exceptional teacher, not a manufactured Phd, would be the person given the authority to implement creative new programs and fix failing programs, with a great deal of community scrutiny (which includes customers). The risk of failure is already huge, but in public education failure doesn’t seem to reflect on the leadership and there is little community scrutiny.