After-school program doesn’t affect academics

A federally funded after-school program, “had only limited influence on academic performance, including test scores, grades, and homework completion,” a Mathematica study concluded. Congress created 21st Century after-school programs for elementary and middle-school students in 1994; it costs $1 billion a year in federal funds.

Elementary students who attended said they felt safer; middle-school attendees were more likely to expect to graduate from college than comparable students who didn’t participate.

Update: Here’s a PPI study that’s more positive about the benefits of after-school programs.

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  1. Keep in mind there is a very real purpose to these programs beyond simply improving achievement, these programs are the tax payer funded day care service as well as crime prevention programs for many communities. A child after school doing whatever can’t get in trouble in the community. Realtors love these programs! This FACT is one of public educations diry little secrets. It does not sound P.C. to characterize this way which is why you never hear spoken of as such.

  2. Jack Tanner says:

    ‘It does not sound P.C. to characterize this way which is why you never hear spoken of as such.’

    I speak of it that way all the time. The public’s appetite for having other people watch, feed and raise their kids at taxpayer expense is insatiable. It helps get rid of of any of those unfortunate compromises people have to make about having kids that you can’t support or care for. Just dump them off at school and fill out some paperwork that has no verification requirements. We signed our son up for a before school program so my wife could have 1 morning for medical tests and appointments. His teacher asked us to fill out some form for family income eventhough we wouldn’t qualify for free breakfast. The teacher told my wife to fill it out anyway because the school would get more funding just based on the application, she didn’t have to fill it out accurately and we didn’t have to pay the yearly fee because, like nobody else does. Remember that the next time you hear some idiot politician complain about there not being enough money for education.