The terrorists laughed

The terrorists laughed at the suffering of children, who’d gone for days without water, food or sleep, says a survivor of the Russian school seized by what AP calls “rebels.”

BESLAN, Russia — Holding up the corpse of a man just shot dead in front of hundreds of hostages at a Russian school, the rebel –his pockets stuffed with ammunition and grenades — warned: “If a child utters even a sound, we’ll kill another one.”

When children fainted from lack of sleep, food and water, their masked and camouflaged captors simply sneered. In the intolerable heat of the gym, adults implored children to drink their own urine.

. . . “We were in complete fear,” said Alla Gadieyeva, 24, who spoke to an Associated Press reporter Friday as she lay collapsed in exhaustion on a stretcher outside a hospital. “People were praying all the time and those that didn’t know how to pray — we taught them.”

More than 200 children, parents and teachers reportedly were killed; about 1,200 had been taken hostage.

The school became a battlefield, with authorities deploying artillery, assault helicopters and tanks and the gunmen firing automatic weapons and grenades. In the chaos, escaping hostages were shot in the back. Booby trap bombs exploded inside the school. And the roof on a gym collapsed in a fiery heap. Fighting continued for about 12 hours as government troops sought to capture the last vestiges of the guerrilla forces, who had taken refuge in nearby houses and the school basement.

In that gym, Alan Karayev, a volunteer who entered to help bring out the bodies, saw a gruesome scene. “The whole floor is covered in bodies,” he said, estimating there were hundreds of dead children. “There is no ceiling at all. The roof all fell down on the children.”

Family members had crowded into the school for the ceremonial bell ringing to start the first day of classes.

I don’t know if this boy is dead or alive.

Update: Russian authorities now say 323 hostages, including 156 children, were killed in the siege. Hundreds remain hospitalized, with 69 in critical condition. In addition, 10 Russian soldiers died. Of 26 dead terrorists, 10 came from Arab countries, officials say.

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  1. Bob Diethrich says:

    I saw one report that said three of these terrorists surrendered! God I hope that is not true.

    If any even tried to surrender I hope those Russian soldiers took them into a small room and went to work!

    I hope these animals left this life and entered Hell (God, I hope there is one) screaming in agony as each one of their extremities are cut off one by one!

    Oh that’s right I am sorry. We should just try to understand the “root causes” of terrorism and how this all our fault!

    Gee what was I thinking?

  2. Mad Scientist says:

    And someone who shall remain nameless wants to fight a “more sensitive war on terror”?

    I am truly afraid that if the loonies get their way, we shall be plunged into a second dark age. We are fighting for the survival of civilization, and some people just do not get it.

  3. And the leftists in my neighborhood continue to cover the neighborhood with posters that say: “Bush: The Real Terrorist!”

  4. Mike from Illinois says:

    Mad Scientist, substitute the word “smarter” for “more sensitive.” Then you’ll get it.

  5. And the Left thinks that the religious right is bad in this country. They do not realize what the sane world is going to have to deal with over the next 50 years.

  6. Note that most publications and news services cannot even bring themselves to call these people “terrorists.” They are referred to as “rebels” or “guerillas.”

    This kind of thing–neutrality toward terrorism, and even a certain sneaking admiration for it–has certainly played a role in encouraging atrocities such as this one.

    There are plenty of journalists, entertainers, and university professors who have blood on their hands today.

  7. Words fail me. My heart goes out to those kids and families.

  8. Andy Freeman says:

    > Mad Scientist, substitute the word “smarter” for “more sensitive.” Then you’ll get it.

    Hint – saying that you want to fight a smarter war is not the same as actually having a smarter plan to fight the war.

    (1) giving France/Germany a veto isn’t smarter.
    (2) You have to be willing to actually fight.

  9. Lumberjack says:

    I cant track it down, but yesterday I viewed a picture of the above man and boy taken as they passed by another photographer. The boy appeared consious and was looking at the photographer. Thus alive.
    I’ll keep looking for the photo.

  10. Mad Scientist says:

    Mike from Il:

    Please note that terrorists do not understand the nuances of what Kerry was saying. “Smarter” or “more sensitive” will not get the job done. Kicking their asses back to the stone age will. (Wait – what was I thinking? They are still in the stone age.)

    What the Taliban, bin Laden, and Hussein did was to mistake Bush’s words with Clinton’s words and deeds. Clinton said “we really mean it” and lobbed a few cruise missiles.

    Bush said “or else” and meant it. Both the Taliban and Hussein chose the “else”. You would have thought that Hussein would have caved after he saw that Bush meant business.

    Why do you think that there has not been an attack against American interests since 9/11?

    We should have helped Sadr fulfill his desire to fight to “the last drop of blood”. We should have leveled that shrine to show how deadly serious we are. It seems the only thing the Arab crazies understand is the massive, brutal use of force.

  11. The news story has it wrong. The hostages were shot in the back on purpose by the terrorists, not “in the chaos.”

    It was only when the Russian troops saw the children being massacred, shot in the back, that they got their asses in gear and assaulted the school.

    The news media is full of crap. How about sending journalists into terrorist “safe houses” to get interviews from terrorists, just before the smart bombs arrive? Would that be too harsh?

  12. The little boy in the picture is alive, at least at the time the picture was taken. Look at his right arm – it is held near his body, not hanging limply like it would be if he were dead or unconscious. He appears, from the tenseness of his body, to be both in terrific pain and possibly crying – look at his rib cage. Or he may be beyond crying. His head is thrown back, perhaps in agony.

    His injuries appear to be very serious burns on his arms and torso.

    Anyone who will do this kind of thing to children is sub-human, and ought to be exterminated like the vermin that they resemble.

  13. Given what happened, I couldn’t blaim Russia for doing a Carthage to Chenya.

  14. Now wait just a minute you right-wing extremist war mongers. I’m sure Mike in Illinois will understand when I say that Western Imperialism is the root cause for terrorism and all the other evils in the world today. Remember Rwanda? That was our fault, too. If not for European and American imperialism, the genocide would never have occurred there. Someone tie me to a post and give me a hundred lashes. I’m guilty as charged.

  15. Thank you, Chris.

  16. Richard Brandshaft says:

    What everyone said about the leftists who oppose meeting force with overwhelming force. What everyone said and more about the conservatives who oppose paying enough taxes to do it right. They, not the leftists, are actually in charge. They, not the leftists, are waiting for a 9/11 with nukes before shutting down Iran and North Korea. Bush, not the leftists, put Afghanistan and Iraq in danger of being Somalia on a larger scale. (That’s how McCain put it before he stunned me by changing sides.)

  17. I don’t understand how anyone can look at what these evil creatures did and think that there is any way to negotiate with them. Anyone who would do this to children cannot be part of fruitful discussions.

    And yet, after reading more about this situation in this morning’s paper, I turned to the entertainment section to find another celebrity (Carlos Santana in this case) proclaiming that war solves nothing. We need to show these people the path to enlightenment. Disgusted, I turned on the TV, to find cartoonist/writer Art Speigelman doing a book chat on c-span. I admire Speigelman’s graphic novel “Maus,” which details his parents’ experiences in Hitler’s concentration camps. Speigelman was complaining about the fierce attitude in this country in the first year after 9/11 and how the left could not get their ideas about peaceful solutions across during that year. I was flabbergasted that someone whose family–whose parents–had barely survived the horrors of the death camps in WWII could not see the parallels to these zealots who want everyone who disagrees with them dead.

    How can anyone look at a situation like this and believe that we can negotiate with this evil?

  18. Andy Freeman says:

    > They, not the leftists, are waiting for a 9/11 with nukes before shutting down Iran and North Korea.

    Remind me – what is the leftist plan for shutting down Iran and North Korea?

    Does it involve Jimmy Carter? How about giving them nuke technology?

  19. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Andy Freeman,
    You’re right; I should have made it clear that Bush wasn’t the only offender. But he is the one in charge NOW, and he is the one who could have harnessed the nation’s mood swing after 9/11.

    Mad Scientist,
    “Paying taxes for our vital national defense has never been, nor will ever be a problem.” That’s why Bush called for a tax cut just after 9/11? That’s why he didn’t put enough troops on the ground in Afganistan and Iraq?

    “…that some people, such as yourself, think is has either an equal or higher importance than the national defense.” Comments like are the reason I try to phrase comments in terms of observable behavior, rather than mind reading.

  20. There is no negotiation involved here. Their only language is death. They were born to kill, until the day they die.

  21. Mad Scientist says:

    Interesting that my post about taxes has somehow disappeared into the ether.

    In any event, Richard, it must certainly be nice to consider each and every policy decision in a complete vacuum as if nothing else was happening. Yes, Bush pushed for tax cuts – because the economy was far too slow, not because he did not want to pay for defense.

    And there were plenty of troops in Afghanistan. Iraq was another matter, and that was a miscalculation. I guess it must be nice to be so perfect.

    Life (and the national budget) has priorities. National defense has a somewhat higher priority than funding the NEA. But listening to some of the lefties, one would conclude that they are of equal importance. Or more likely, that the NEA is more worthy of funding than the national defense.

  22. Andy Freeman says:

    > You’re right; I should have made it clear that Bush wasn’t the only offender. But he is the one in charge NOW, and he is the one who could have harnessed the nation’s mood swing after 9/11.

    I asked for the leftist plan and got “Bush didn’t do the right thing”.

    Note that the left bitched about Afghanistan until Iraq, then the story was “You can’t starve Afghanistan”.

    The left’s plan for Iran and North Korea is the Jimmy Carter plan. They insist that the results will be different this time, but that’s just because they’re still hoping to be the hundredth monkey.


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