Pimp kiddies

Pimp and “ho” costumes are the latest thing for the kiddies, says the Washington Post. Brandsonsale.com is offering one ho and four pimp costumes for trick or treaters this year. “Next year, the company plans pimp attire for infants,” writes Laura Sessions Stepp. She quotes Johnathon Weeks Jr., the company spokesman:

“We also sell pimp and ho outfits to whole families: Mom, Dad, kids and the dog.”

Customers come in all colors and ethnicities; sales are biggest in California, New York and Florida.

Another company carries “matching adult and child pimp outfits in blue velvet with faux-leopard trim,” writes Stepp. Oh, isn’t that sweet.

By the way, the story ends with quotes from blogosphere debates about letting children trick or treat while dressed as pimps and whores.

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  1. Richard Nieporent says:

    I guess you can say that today anything goes.

  2. Mike in Texas says:

    I searched the website mentioned and could not find anything relating to pimps and hos for children or teenagers, although there were some things listed for adults.

    Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if this story were true.

  3. I’m sure that there has to be a “trick or treat” joke in there somewhere.
    But I’m personally not impressed.

  4. Here’s the link to the kiddie “ho” costumes:


    and here’s the child “ho” costume:


  5. Mike in Texas says:

    Thanks for the links Allen. I hadn’t search through their online yahoo store.

    The sad part is, these costumes will probably be big sellers.

  6. Mr. White Chocolate "Boo". Slick says:

    This would be a bit more shocking if these costumes actually looked the part of the names given to them.
    If shown the costumes without explanation and asked to describe them, I’d have guessed that the female was trying to imitate a flapper, and the male was trying to be Liberace on crack.

  7. The one that I glanced at looked cute. They aren’t much different than the traditional Halloween monsters. The bigger issue is child safety at Halloween, and avoiding the candy craze.

  8. At first I drew the “society in a tailspin” conclusion but on second thought, I decided it was an over-reaction.

    Kids wear leatherface masks and carry toy chainsaws. Doesn’t mean their going to be led to a career of bloody rampages. Wearing a Dracula costume doesn’t mean you’re going suck someone’s blood. They’re kids and these costumes will inevitably end up as embarrassing photos in an album long after the costume has been consigned to a landfill.

    If there’s any real danger in these costumes it’s from adult hysteria and media pandering.

  9. I am having a hard time making the mental leap that is required to make a comparison of a child dressed as Count Dracula (a figment of fantasy albeit dark) and a child emulating a pimp/whore (an all too tragic drug-addled and body-selling reality where many unfortunate children are already unwillingly indoctrinated.)

  10. The Wallace says:

    Leather-face isn’t real. Dracula isn’t real. They are make-believe monsters, characters in made-up stories.

    Pimps and whores are real. They lead morally bankrupt, dangerously irresponsible, violent, criminal lives.

    The moral relativism some people use is just startling.

  11. Funk Master Boo Flash says:

    Except that Count Dracula was based on a historical figure who would burn beggars alive after feeding them.
    If we tolerate kids emulating cartoon versions of Dracula, we can probably tolerate cartoon versions of pimps.

  12. “If we tolerate kids emulating cartoon versions of Dracula, we can probably tolerate cartoon versions of pimps.”

    Why stop there? Let’s ‘cartoon’ more ills of today’s society for kids on Halloween– Child-molesting priests, fanatics on jihad, etc. Why even stop there, let’s also unearth some of our darkest aspects of history– the KKK, Slavemasters, lynch-mobs, Nazi uniforms as costumes, etc. Yeah, good innocent Halloween fun.

    Am I being extreme? I don’t think so, when we would be so willing to celebrate all the things that encompass pimps/whores– domestic violence, molestation, statutory rape, rape, substance abuse, corruption of a minor, and let’s not forget it’s just plain illegal.

  13. The only way I’d argue against the costumes is to point out that they are not necessarily symbols of spirits come back to mingle with the living (which is what Halloween is all about).

    Of course, you can improve on the costumes to make it clear that these are dead whores and dead pimps.

  14. And then there’s the episode of South Park where one of the boys thought it would be really cool to go door-to-door dressed up as Hitler. When informed that that was something you just couldn’t do, he attempted to improvise a ghost costume which somehow ended up looking like a KKK robe.

  15. Jack Tanner says:

    It reminds me of Pretty Woman – the feel good movie about the prostitution business

  16. Lighten up folks: These are just costumes. Right vs. wrong is not being “thrown out the window.” If you don’t like them, don’t buy them…

  17. z1975ss wrote:

    Why stop there? Let’s ‘cartoon’ more ills of today’s society…

    And what about cowboy costumes? Mythical symbols of hyper-masculinity who used firearms to “solve” all their problems! Indians? Demeaning lampoons of noble, nature-respecting original residents of this continent before european interlopers destroyed their lyrical existance? No! Hobo costumes? Teach children that those less fortunate then themselves are dirty beggars without human diginity? No! Ghost costumes? A thinly-disguised reference to a vicious, racist epithet!

    Come on “z”, they’re just kids and saddling them with the duty of curing society’s ills by loading every childish infatuation with adult implications is just, plain silly.

  18. Nobody is saying let’s saddle kids with the duty of curing society’s ills. Let’s just not celebrate them through kids.

  19. Dracula has made it from the pages of history to cereal. When Pimps and whores are so far in the past that we can eat their marshmallow likenesses for breakfast, the costumes will be okay.

  20. allen made a good point about hobo costumes. If you’re ok with a cartoonish version of a serious social problem like homelessness, it’s hard to see what’s wrong with a cartoonish version of pimps and hos (also note that just as hobo costumes represent an outdated image of homelessness from the 1930s or so, the “pimp” costumes on the site look like they’re from the 1970s and the child “ho” costume looks like it’s from the 1920s). z1975ss’ comparison to other societal ills like child-molesting priests and terrorists doesn’t really work because there aren’t any “lite” cartoonish versions of these that have entered the pop culture. It’s the difference between dressing up as a real serial killer like Charles Manson or John Wayne Gacy and dressing up as a cartoonish fictional serial killer like Jason or Michael Myers.

  21. My kids aren’t allowed to dress up as dead things, ghouls, Dracula, or anything gross. They can dress as people in legal professions or careers (cowboy is a career), animals, plants, or characters from good stories. This year we will all be birds, except for my baby who will be using the worm costume that his older brother used when his sister was an apple. In past years my daughter has been a ladybug, a flower, and a princess, and my son has been a bee and the Frog Prince. And one year we all dressed up as the cast of “The King And I”. There are plenty of wholesome costume choices available that don’t include scary things, illegal things, or negative things.