Evers for school board

Bill Evers, an old friend of mine, is running for a seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Education. It’s a thankless job: Only parents of special ed students and Office of Education employees pay much attention. But Bill’s always been a little nuts. Normally an education specialist at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, he spent five months in Iraq last year advising the Ministry of Education and helping reopen schools. He also served as board president for East Palo Alto Charter School, which has improved the achievement of low-income Hispanic and black students.

Gee, I promised to give Bill a good quote and “Bill’s always been a little nuts” probably isn’t what he was looking for. How about this: I’d like to see Bill Evers elected to the county school board. He’s deeply committed to improving schools, and giving kids a chance to succeed. He’s not beholden to any interest group.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    My wife and I will vote for Bill. Three or four times each if no one asks for a photo I.D.

  2. He’s got my vote. I didn’t see any endorsements from union thugs on his site. And because… sometimes you feel like a nut!

  3. Mike McKeown says:

    Bill was a key member of the California Standards Commission. He served as a strong advocate of knowledge based education, with particularly valuable service in development of the math, science and history standards. It would be difficult to find someone as knowledgeable, experienced and independent of the eduocracy as Bill for this position.


  1. Bob's Place says:

    The way it is today isn’t how it was

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