Dodgy degrees

British college graduates who’ve majored in “dodgy” subjects often find themselves lying on the parental couch watching TV, instead of conquering the working world, notes Brian Micklethwait, linking to this Telegraph story on job search blues.

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  1. For some reason the link to “working world” didn’t work on my browser. Just in case, it’s here.

  2. I wonder what counts as a dodgy subject. Do gender studies or cultural studies count? If not, why not? How do these majors work in the “working world?”

  3. I’m a bit confused here. The link in JJ’s comment points to an article that discusses strategies for a job search, not the merits of “dodgy” majors. The alternate link that “Link OK” provided above points to an article that seems to refer back to the one in the initial comment, but still does not mention choice of major (though one of the comments on it, not the article itself, makes a *passing* reference to “dodgy” majors) … it seems more focused on the relative merits of first-and lower-tier schools.

    Am I just not awake enough this morning to be reading these sources correctly? Or is there really less here than the original reference to them suggested?

  4. I’ve fixed the Samizdata link. The discussion of “dodgy degrees” is in the comments.