Deconstructing Michael Jackson

Scholars gathered at Yale to discuss the “sexual, racial and artistic aspects” of Michael Jackson and his music. I liked this part:

Still, panelists discussed how pedophilia allegations have fed into false stereotypes about gays. Although Jackson married twice and has children, he has long battled rumors that he is gay, said (Seth Clark) Silberman, who is writing a book about Jackson.

Gosh, I wonder how those rumors started.

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  1. How can you exclude the absolutely true fears society has of child predators and the fact these allegations have plagued this man. This has nothing to do with homosexuality. Society is concerned because this man perfers the company of children, does not maintain adult relationships, does not want to grow up and obcesses about his ‘lost childhood’. Whatever compassion you may feel for the child star that endeared the public, it does not extend to destroying other children. Does this concern anyone at Yale?

  2. I’m still trying to figure out what “deconstructing” Micheal Jackson means. Breaking him up for spare parts?