Bully mom

At an open house at an Anchorage middle school, a mother asked the assistant principal why he hadn’t talked more about “anti-bullying.” Then she asked, “So what would you do if I did this?” and body slammed him against a wall.

She got her answer. The assistant principal called the police. The mom has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

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  1. I thought the misdeameanor assault charge was appropriate, but I find the story unbalance. I believe she didn’t think she had been inappropriately aggressive, she expected the conversation would continue after the incident. It is the third time the police have been called to report physical attacks on the administration by mothers specifically (not fathers). Nothing was included in this report regarding the observation of other parents or this woman’s personal opinion.

    What about this case where a 12 year old commits suicide after repeated attacks from bullies arranged by teachers who can never intervene. I know there are teachers and administrators who use school bullies as the administers of corporal punishment and social control. As long as the bully can be aimed they have value.


  2. I say, Bully for her!