Arrested at 7

When a seven-year-old Florida boy hit a classmate, a teacher and the principal and scratched a school staffer, the second grader was arrested, booked, fingerprinted and held briefly at a juvenile justice facility.

Expelling the boy, who’s now on house arrest, makes sense. Swearing out an arrest warrant on a seven-year-old? That seems a bit much, even for Florida.

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  1. Schools are becoming very scary places. I certainly don’t think arresting a 7 year old is and appropriate discipline.
    At the tender age of 6, Vincent Booth was ripped away from his mother, Diane, and placed in Eastfield Ming Quong, an institution in Santa Clara County. There was no arrest, no court order, no hearing, just a swift violent removal of her only child. In Eastfield Ming Quong, Vincent was given a cocktail of psychotropic medications and periodically brutalized by staff and other inmates. What was the reason for Diane losing custody of her young son? Refusing to agree with Sunnyvale District school personnel to administer Ritalin to her son

  2. I beg to differ.

    It’s my opinion that, generally, police need to be called more often.

  3. Bluemount says:

    What does that achieve?


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