Academics for Kerry

Overwhelmingly, the professoriate supports Democrats, writes David Brooks in the NY Times.

All but 1 percent of the campaign donations made by employees of William & Mary College went to Democrats. In the Harvard crowd, Democrats got 96 percent of the dollars. At M.I.T., it was 94 percent. Yale is a beacon of freethinking by comparison; 8 percent of its employee donations went to Republicans.

“Among journalists, there were 93 Kerry donors for every Bush donor,” Brooks writes.

So much for diversity.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Almost the same as the ratio of democrats to republicans among the Abu Ghraib prison guards.

  2. Obviously, they didn’t poll my school. We favor Bush by a nearly 2 to 1 margin.

  3. It is not at all surprising that people who spend their lives in detailed study rather than reacting to carefully scripted fear messages and shifting war reasons would give money to the opponent of the present administration. A thousand Americans in body bags to ‘free Iraq’. Just how many Americans are we willing to put into body bags to free Iraq?

  4. Steve LaBonne says:

    Having spent a considerable part of my life in the groves of academe, and knowing too well how many barely-competent-to-tie-their-shoes blowhards reside therein, I nearly busted my gut laughing at that one, atlas. So sorry, that wasn’t even a good try. But thanks for playing.

  5. Steve, Ok, now answer the question of how many Americans are you willing to put into body bags to support this administration’s war to free Iraqi people from other Iraqi people, or whatever the current reason is.

  6. Steve LaBonne says:

    I would have thought people on the left would be very proud to see their country fighting against fascist scum like al-Sadr, who stand for the precise opposite of everything the left claims to believe in. How naive of me. I guess reflexive opposition to every use of American power trumps all other principles. A curious political philosophy to say the least.

    Note: I responded because I was addressed directly, but I won’t contribute further to drawing this thread off-topic.

  7. It is indeed amazing how so many teachers assume their colleagues are Democrats, whether it’s national or local elections. I still get a chuckle out of a math teacher who came to my room in ’94 asking if I wanted a lawn sign for the Dem. senate candidate. When I said “Why? I’m voting for [now-deceased] Bill Roth,” you might have thought I had just mooned her, based upon the look on her face!

  8. Walter E. Wallis says:

    One can only wonder how many bodies of all nationalities atlas is willing to stuff into bags while Albright and Carter and, sadly, Powell try to keep raising the bribe for them to play nice. “Smart” people might vote democrat, intelligent people don’t.

  9. Walter, decent and smart people vote Republican and/or Democratic, but only an idiot or an Al Qaida sympathizer would vote for Bush. Which are you?

  10. Steve LaBonne says:

    I didn’t vote for Bush the first time and I probably won’t this time, but as political argumentation goes that is, shall we say, unpersuasive. It also brings the word “projection” to mind.

  11. As Thomas Sowell put it, the “Vision of the Anointed,” right Michael? Half the country are either idiots or al Qaeda sympathizers?

  12. I love the thinking of people like Michael – how clearly Al Qaeda would prefer to have Bush re-elected for <insert reason here&rt; so voting for Bush would make Al Qaeda happy.

    Sorry, but I don’t by the premise that UBL or Al Qaeda is that bright. Creative maybe but not particularly intelligent. The fact that some people had not expected an attack like 9/11 suddenly makes some people think "these guys are really smart!" No, they’re not. They are determined and focused on their Allah-inspired mission and they find ways to accomplish things no matter what – but they’re not long term visionaries that think "if we do this, then the US will do that, which means it will be easier for us to do something else."

    Bottom line, what Al Qaeda wants is to demonstrate power – similar to what they accomplished in Madrid. Bush being re-elected challenges their power – something they don’t want.