A in parenting for GenX

Generation X parents are involved in their children’s lives, reports the Oregonian. (Xers are now 25 to 39 years old.)

Generation X includes more stay-at-home dads, fathers working from home and dads cutting back long hours than previous generations, analysts say.

Gen X moms are distinguishing themselves from baby boomers by embracing traditional roles. Although they’re more college-educated than any previous generation, more Generation X moms than boomers are staying home or working part time.

Xers’ focus on home life shows up in several more parenting trends: They make financial sacrifices in exchange for family time; they’re increasingly discipline-oriented; and they let their kids just have fun.

In part this is a reaction to their background, sociologists say. Their childhood was a time of personal and political upheaval. Xers were the first generation with large numbers raised in broken homes. Almost one-third had divorced parents, compared with 13 percent of boomers, according to the Yankelovich research analysis firm. Nearly half of all Xers had working moms. Before they were labeled slackers, they were latchkey kids.

Compared to permissive baby boomers, Gen Xers are more likely to set boundaries for their children, and less addicted to signing up the kids for endless enrichment activities, researchers say. That sounds like good news.

My kid brother and his wife are GenXers, and they certainly are dedicated parents.

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  1. Hooray!! It will be interesting to see over the next several years if infact achievement in school goes up. If so the NCLB crowd will be icing their arms from patting themselves on the back so much. We can infer perhaps that much of the increase will be because of this wonderful trend in parenting. Next thing you know crime will go down among this age group as well as drug use. Who will rush in to take credit for this??

  2. Compared to permissive baby boomers

    Hooray! The sixties are finally over and the real lesson of Woodstock is revealed: it’s not all about you, little boomer.

  3. We Xers have always had different priorities than Boomers. It wasn’t really about slacking, it was/is a different set of priorities that Boomers never understood.

  4. http://www.punk77.co.uk/groups/generationx.htm
    hmm, somehow this isn’t the picture of disciplined parenting this article associates with generation x. In fact some critics discribe the xer’s as now waking up with a hangover after the dot.com party of the 90’s

    “The economic affliction broadens in Shampoo Planet. Boomer parental-units are victims as much as perpetrators of an expanding recession”

    I really doubt we are returning to our family oriented conservative roots, because we are now more academically advanced. Being religous doesn’t make you good, and schools don’t make you smart. Am I missing something here? Does ANYONE think America has gotten smarter? It doesn’t make sense that the ‘permissive’ baby boomer’s got a job and the more conservative GenX pioneered coffee latte’s. It doesn’t matter if your a Baby Boomer or a GenXer though, we all blame it on the parents.


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  2. Why do GenXers parent differently than boomers?

    Joanne Jacobs links to an interesting article from The Oregonian on how GenXers differ from baby boomers in their approach to parenting. Among the differences noted are: GenXers are less permissive with their kids than boomers GenXers enroll their kids