Welcome, teacher

Via Eduwonk, I’ve discovered Hip Teacher, written by a brand-new high school English teacher. She’s teaching in an inner-city school, but I can’t figure out where.

Dave Shearon thinks Hip Teacher should include some white westerners in her World Literature class. She doesn’t even get the book that’s been ordered for five weeks into the school year.

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  1. Something’s definitely falling through the cracks here: unless the school also has a class in European Literature (which, call me crazy, but I tend to doubt), these students won’t have the opportunity to read authors who are Western but not American or British. Is any serious introduction to literature remotely complete without Dante? Cervantes? Goethe?

  2. SHe’s got a lot invested in her hip factor. Most of her lit choices aren’t very challengeing but I guess she knows her audience.

  3. White: The color of ultimate evil and historical oppression…

  4. superdestroyer says:

    If you look at the archives, the “Hip Teacher” is teaching somewhere in Atlanta area. It is in the Avondale Estates area based upon the mentioning of restaurants. I think she is teacher at Avondale High school (a 95% black high school with a very high drop out rate).