Republicans at Harvard

There are conservative students at Harvard, writes Duncan Currie.

According to club secretary Lauren Truesdell, the Harvard Republicans boast around 900 names on their weekly e-mail list, and have drawn more than 100 students to their Lincoln Day Dinner each of the past two years. They have upwards of 160 dues-paid members on campus. And in 2001, they won an award from the College Republican National Committee for being the most active college Republican club in the nation.

. . . Of course, one should not overstate the growth of conservatism at Harvard. Anti-abortion posters still get torn down. Conservative speakers still occasionally get harassed. The Harvard College Democrats are still larger than the campus Republicans. (According to Democrats’ president Andy Frank, the club has an e-mail list of 1,650 and counts 245 dues-paid members.)

Many Harvard students are apolitical, Currie writes.

Today’s typical Harvard undergraduate resembles the “organization kid” depicted by David Brooks: highly driven, deferential to authority, focused on achievement, averse to anti-establishment boat-rocking, and, in politics, wary of being seen as controversial or unduly passionate. Harvard’s organization kids tend to be philosophically liberal, but temperamentally conservative.

Currie says campus conservatives should try to be persuaders, not provocateurs.

Via Ed Driscoll.

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