Politics and education policy

I’ve got an oped on politics and education policy in today’s San Jose Mercury News Perspective section.

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  1. Walter E. Wallis says:

    The Murky Turkey had me for a quarter century of their progressive claptrap. I am happy for you, but no way do I sign up to read your article.

  2. Psst, Walter … you can use BugMeNot.com to get a free login.

    Not that I would in any way suggest anyone bypass the newspaper website’s terms of service, not me, no sir.

  3. Er, this article doesn’t require subscription. At least for me it doesn’t. Anyone else?

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    That’s better. Excellent job of work, JJ. You ought to write a book!

  5. After seven days, Merc articles go into archives, which requires payment. However, I think this link will avoid that. The other links still work.