No segregation in diversity class

The University of Colorado’s Education School will not segregate a section of a class on race, gender and culture called “School and Society.”

Educators had limited fall enrollment for the Friday section of “School and Society” to “students of color” and first-generation college students, saying the restriction offered “a much safer and open environment” in which to discuss issues of race, class and the sexes.

The university wanted to shelter minority students from the “hostile environment” created when white, middle-class students asked their opinions. Threatened with a lawsuit, the university discontinued the separate-but-equal section.

Via Number 2 Pencil and Discriminations.

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  1. Andy Freeman says:

    If they were admitted to provide diversity, shouldn’t answering questions be required?

    Or, do they emit diversity rays?

  2. Bob Diethrich says:

    “You can’t fight here. This is the WAR ROOM! —-from “Dr. Strangelove”