A male sociology professor at Cedar Crest College, a Pennsylvania woman’s college, is claiming discrimination against males is blocking his advancement.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court, (Andrew) Ziner claims his salary is less than female faculty members who perform similar work and have similar titles and qualifications.

Ziner also claims that the campus has a secret all-female faculty club called the Grumpies. A former member of the group has described it as a collection of ”male-bashing” instructors, according to his suit.

College officials say the Grumpies is an informal group and that it’s not a secret organization. It is all-female; 38 percent of the faculty is male.

A woman who says she taught at the college e-mailed me with the link. She says Cedar Crest is a hostile environment for everyone, but especially for male professors. She now teaches elsewhere, but doesn’t want to be identified.

Update: A former student of Ziner’s and a staffer at a neighboring college e-mailed me to say that his sexism suit has no merit. The staffer, who I knew in a previous incarnation, writes:

The Grumpies are a variable group of women faculty, all ages and ranks, who mostly get together to bitch about the current president of Cedar Crest. They are not secret, they are complete informal and out in the open, and they couldn’t cook up and implement a conspiracy if their lives depended on it — not that any of them would want to.

Both say Ziner’s tenure was delayed because of legitimate complaints about his arrogance and rudeness to students; he improved his social skills, temporarily, to get tenure.

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  1. Under-representation by gender, sex-exclusive groups condoned by the power structure, unequal pa for equal work — sounds like they ought to be toast.

  2. Cousin Dave says:

    The further down you slide, the more slippery the slope gets…

  3. They should be toast, but I doubt anything will come of this. Unless the wronged party is a member of an “oppressed minority”, the authorities will turn a blind eye to any discrimination, no matter how blatant.

  4. Oh, such silly comments: aren’t you people sophisticated enough to know that the 1964 Civil Rights Act means the opposite of what it says? πŸ˜‰

  5. Mark Odell says:

    College officials say the Grumpies is an informal group

    Well, it would scarcely be formal, would it?

    and that it’s not a secret organization.

    . . . in the same way that Skull and Bones is “not a secret organization”: that it exists is not a secret, but precisely what it does remains hidden (although it’s possible to draw inferences).

  6. “She says Cedar Crest is a hostile environment for everyone….”

    I wonder to what extent that situation, if true, is the responsibility of individual employees. There’s only so much management can do about backbiting and sabotage, and just plain unpleasant manners.

  7. Feminist affirmative action and political correctness on the west end of Allentown? That’s funny.

    Of course, the facts of the case are not funny if the guy has a point.

  8. Feminism is a sacred cow. πŸ™‚
    Anything connected with feminist action cannot be touched. All administrators know that. It would cost them their job to call a feminist for her bad behavior.

    The same thing is true for anything connected with minorities studies, as the president of Harvard found out not so long ago.

    Feminists and minority studies professors are protected groups and can’t be touched.

  9. Richard Brandshaft says:

    Another alleged “feminist conspiracy”:

    A few decades ago (phrases like that are a symptom of old age) a writer named John Norman wrote a series of science fiction novels with a strong dominant male, S&M component. For the first few, one could argue he was only depicting an imaginary society, but that argument got less tenable as the series went on.

    “Worse,” at least as many women read them as men, so his sins included pushing a button that wasn’t supposed to exist, and hence being the messenger baring bad news. (It was a woman friend who recommended them to me.)

    Norman claimed his books were selling well enough, but the series was canceled as feminists gained more influence in science fiction editing. I have no idea if his claim was true.

    Getting back to the subject, Ziner’s claims could be true without any explicit conspiracy. Sometimes, cultural pathologies just happen.

  10. I agree that feminism has gone off the rails and threatens free expression in the university environment.

    The question remains, since these special interest groups are so entrenched and so opposed to ideological freedom, how does one go about trying to improve the university?

    Throwing up one’s hands and declaring the problem hopeless will not do.

  11. I thought that name, John Norman, sounded familiar.

    The guy that wrote the “Gor” series with the giant birds that substitute for horses and the home stones and all the rest of the Golden Age clap-trap. Uch. I plowed my way through one and then, just because I couldn’t believe that anyone could be that consistently bad, a second. I was wrong.

    I just buzzed over to Amazon to see whether they had any of his stuff and they do. I don’t know whether his “fourteen year hiatus”, to quote one reviewer, was due to a radical feminist conspiracy or whether he just got tired or writing the series but his latest effort, Witness of Gor, is out, has a copyright date of 2002 and is listed for, gulp, $65.65. Cripes, that’s more then most computer books.

    I didn’t remember the cover art as being quite as cheesy as it is. Lots of “T”, lot’s of “A”, not much plot and plenty of blood.

    On the bright side, if the vast, radical feminist conspiracy was responsible for Norman’s demise, they no longer have the power to keep his literary efforts away from a panting public. Huzzah!

  12. Feminism may be a sacred cow, but I think we need tomake it a scared cow instead.

  13. Feminism is compatible with fascism, thus the common term, fascifeminism. πŸ™‚

    They do tend to gain control of bureaucracies, and try to stamp out all dissenting voices once in control. They’ve gone down a lot since the equity feminist days, when women only wanted to be treated equally.

  14. Cousin Dave says:

    Fleming, that’s a good point. I’ve heard several statements from the likes of Gloria Steinem and Betty Freidan over the past few years, where they are taking a look at the current state of feminism and saying, “this isn’t what we meant”. Like the old-time feminists or not, at least they stick to their principles. My summary of latter-day feminism is: They want equal rights, but they also want to reserve the privilege of getting back on the pedestal when it suits them. I think that’s one reason Hilary Clinton pisses so many people off — she’s exhibit A. (Re: the exposing of the secret health-care board, the Rose Law firm records, and the “pretty in pink” press conference.)

  15. I was once a feminist, until the feminists turned nasty, like the gestapo. What they did to Tammy Bruce is outrageous, but it illustrates the type of group think that has taken over modern day feminism. What they do to males is beyond the pale. But they do it because they can. And no one dares to object, because these days objecting can end a career.

  16. Blythe -mentioned: “But they do it because they can.” – Isn’t that Bill Clinton’s excuse re. Monica ?

    Ducking into the nearest slit trench now.

  17. By the way, I had a girlfriend from Cedar Crest when I was a Lehigh in the late 60’s. Fortunately, she did not exhibit the above mentioned traits, and occasionally I think of her and the good times and friendship we shared and having lost track of her many years ago after graduation, hope the years have been good for her and wish her well (just in case she is out there reading this).

  18. It’s really getting ugly on a lot of campuses, and feminist PC is only one of the reasons for that. Intellectual freedom has become subservient to a political culture of conformity. Keep your heads down. Maintain a low profile. These things go in cycles and we can always hope that freedom will return to the university when the current crop of nazis wears out its welcome.

  19. Richard Brandshaft says:

    “Feminism is compatible with fascism” I hadn’t realized that Fascists were particularly noted for treating women as equals. Or is the compatibility that “fascist” is an all-purpose epithet, to be fitted to whatever the writer doesn’t like?

  20. You said it, Bob. But consider yourself lucky that it’s just your career on the line and not your life. Expressing the wrong opinion might get you blackballed from academia and journalism, but the big money is in entrepreneurship.

    Jackboots are in fashion on campus these days, and yes, you’d better toe the line or else. Politically correct fascism was fashionable in Nazi Germany, of course. Similar political correctness reigned in Soviet times, and under Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro. There’s really nothing new about the extremist feminist variety, except the particular trip-words and phrases. Orwell predicted all this, just in a slightly different form.

  21. John "Akatsukami" Braue says:

    Feminism is a sacred cow.

    You realize that equating wymyn with cows shows you to be a patriarchal, misogynistc phallocrat, yes? πŸ˜›

  22. I did notice that the wymyn’s studies department at the local university has a load of hay shipped in fresh every weekday morning. Make of it what you will.