Conservative home-schoolers mobilize

Christian home-schoolers are campaigning for socially conservative candidates, reports the Boston Globe in a column that even Daryl Cobranchi thinks is fair.

Last February, a predominately conservative Christian homeschooling organization called the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) launched “Generation Joshua,” a Web-based program that aims to teach civics by putting 4,000 homeschooled kids on the campaign trail. The students will be sent out in “Student Action Teams,” ranging in size from 25 to 200, to do grass-roots campaigning for socially conservative candidates in hotly contested races throughout the country.

Not all home-schooling families are conservative or Christian, but these seem to be the most politically engaged people in the home-schooling movement.

Via Chris Correa, who’s back from China.

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  1. *Even* Daryl Cobranchi?

  2. Does anyone have any advice as to where to start looking for information on homeschooling? It seems I’m suffering from information overload. My daughter is arriving soon and I thought getting a head start would be nice 🙂

  3. Anne Zeiss has a terrific site with lots of “getting started” info: If you have specific questions, drop me a note: dcobranchi at

  4. People teaching their kids their values is one thing, but left, right or center, I’ve always found something disturbing about people using kids politically. I mean, I wasn’t homeschooled, but maybe this has something to do with the fact that my political inclinations, as a libertarian-leaning Republican, are quite different from my tied-in-the-wool Dem parents’.

    Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with someone who’s under 18 working on a campaign, but there’s something I recoil from in making it part of a formal civics assignment.

  5. Er, “DIED”-in-wool Dems, obviously. Preview is my friend. 😉

  6. Mad Scientist says:

    Hey, “tie-dyed-in-the-wool” is probably most accurate.

  7. John from OK says:

    Mad –
    “tie-dyed-in-the-synthetics” for the Vegans.

  8. My sister campaigned for Humphrey in 1968 when she was eight years old (she was always precocious). A sixtyish woman approached her at some campaign event, spit on her, and called her a “commie.” We’re still proud of her, and none of us has voted for a Republican since.

  9. Commie.

    Also, I find it icky as well. Your sister was so brainwashed. She never stood a chance.

  10. “A sixtyish woman approached her at some campaign event, spit on her, and called her a commie […] and none of us has voted for a Republican since.”

    Must be liberal logic. I don’t see the connection between the actions of a crazy woman and All Republicans, but maybe this wasn’t intended to imply cause-and-effect.

  11. Spitting is part of the secret commie initiation rite. Usually they spit and say “commie” three times while spinning in rapid circles. Your sister must have received the abbreviated initiation. It’s a wonder it took so well.

  12. Mad Scientist says:

    When I was 5 I campaigned for Goldwater. A beatnik spat upon me and calle me fascist. I have NEVER voter Democratic.

    See, both sides have their rude loons.

  13. Baah, that’s nothing! I campaigned for Ike against that evil Adlai Stevenson before I was even born (at least I was told so) and that likewise evil Eleanor Roosevelt (or was it Ethel Kennedy?) said nasty things to my pregnant mother. Need I tell you that nobody in my family would ever think of voting for a Democrat – and if it were for dog-catcher?