Charter performance

There’s good news on charter students’ performance in Wisconsin and Florida. The Orlando Sentinel reports on a state study of Florida’s 262 charter schools:

The report states that a larger percentage of charter-school students achieved national benchmarks for academic progress than traditional-school students.

The report also highlighted that while charter-school students may lag in achievement initially, they eventually make significant improvements in the school system over seven years.

In Los Angeles, a coalition of high-performing charter schools is fighting for funding, complaining that the district overcharges for services and won’t pass along the charters’ share of state money for low-income minority students.

The newly formed Coalition of High-Achieving Los Angeles Charter Schools, which includes five campuses in the San Fernando Valley, claims it pays nearly $4 million annually for special education programs, facility maintenance and administrative oversight but aren’t receiving that level of services in return.

The group also wants to stop the district from carrying out plans to withhold a total of $3 million in state funding this year — money each school received in 2003 — to help educate minority and disadvantaged students.

Coalition leaders said they’ve been waiting a year for the district to account for how it spends the money charters pay for district services.

Meanwhile, charter elementaries are outperforming district schools, reports the Daily News. Only 27 percent of fourth graders in LA district schools scored proficient or above on the reading exam, compared to 42 percent of charter students.

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  1. Okay, let me do the math: The charters pay $4 MM for services, which they claim they’re not receiving. And they also claim they’re NOT getting $3 MM that they are owed.

    So don’t pay the $4 mil – you net out $1 million ahead…

  2. I find it interesting that the NEA hit piece on charters made the front page San Jose Mercury News, but this didn’t. Agenda maybe? Naw – they are ‘fair and balanced’ unlike that nasty old Fox News after all. I must be dreaming.