I just got back after one week away from my computer 3,755 e-mails came in. About three quarters of the e-mail is going directly to the junk basket; overall, 99 percent of the e-mail is spam. Some is in Chinese or Japanese, Russian and Hebrew.

Update: I spoke too soon. I have 7,408 e-mails. But only 98.5 percent are spam.

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  1. mike from oregon says:

    Sounds like a good time to brush up on your Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew – grin.

  2. Same thing here. And on top of that, I have to clean all of the accumulated blog comment spam out of my blog (haven’t done it yet, so if you need any Viagra, better rush over and read my blog comments).

  3. Oh, fingers move faster than brain sometimes. Correct link to my blog (so you can read the spam) is below.

  4. A good idea is– Delete it all.
    You’ll feel much better.

  5. Your email address is evidently still floating around the web somewhere, even though I don’t see it posted on this site.

    One possibility is to change email addresses, and if you post it publicly at all, post it as an image (.gif) file that the bots can’t read.

    For some reason I’m getting less spam these days. I’d thought maybe it was the same for everyone.

  6. John from OK says:

    Bart –
    I’m getting way more, about 100 per day. I use Spam Inspector by Giant Software. It does a good job of deleting the messages, but it takes a few minutes to go through them all.

  7. my ISP uses Postini. It is great, catches about 96% of spam, a few false catches (usually from yahoo groups). Seems to catch ALL the virii.

  8. Bob Diethrich says:

    Joanne: Welcome Back:

    I tried dating other blogs but the feeling was not the same. 🙂

    I have missed you.

    Glad you had fun

  9. Welcome back, Joanne. Your web page has been an excellent resource to me as a parent and college student. I’m wondering if you and/or other readers can answer a question for me. If I’m barking up the wrong tree, please tell me, and I’ll go away!
    In my kids’ K-8 school, the Spanish teacher has a large poster of Che Guevara displayed on the wall. If my research is correct, Che was a revolutionary socialist, who often spoke about the annihilation of imperialist America and wrote a book on guerilla warfare as a means to that end. Should/can I question the teacher or the principal about the appropriateness of this poster, or will that make me and, by association, my kids terrorphobic racists?

  10. Doug Sundseth says:

    Ah, then I didn’t miss as much as I thought I did. It seems that your site was blocked by “SmartFilter” as pornographic.

    Resolved now, but if you would like to see the e-mail exchange about the issue, let me know.

    And here I thought I might have missed something really interesting.