1.1 million

According to the National Center for Education Statistics,1.1 million children were home-schooled in 2003. Only 30 percent of home-schooling parents said religious or moral instruction was their primary motivation; nearly half said they don’t trust the local public schools’ academic quality or environment. The number home-schooling has grown by 29 percent in four years.

And not all those kids are locked in the closet, says Kimberly Swygert.

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  1. Daryl Cobranchi says:

    A minor correction- the two NCES surveys were 4 years apart. The latest estimate is based on surveys completed in the Spring 2003.

    I also question the accuracy of the estimate. From what I know of home educating parents, we tend to be a bit more suspicious of anonymous surveys from the government than the average American. I’d bet that skews their estimate downward significantly.