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Marion Wright Edelman was applauded at the National Education Association convention for accusing President Bush of “supporting brutal, corrupt dictators.” An NEA mole says, Huh? Who? Is the NEA in favor of overthrowing brutal, corrupt dictators?

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  1. Think she was talking about Rod paige?????

  2. The NEA lost track of reality years ago.

  3. interested observer says:

    Hyperbole is a figure of speech which is an exaggeration. ..people make them to sound impressive or to emphasize something, such as a feeling, effort, or reaction.

    Assuming that Edelman was engaging in hyperbole, maybe she was talking about Bush’s continued support for V.P. Dick Cheney.

    Edelman was a legal defense attorney for the NAACP. She’s probably mad he refused an invitation to speak to that group.

  4. Walter E. Wallis says:

    The NEA and the NAACP are delivering their members to the democrat plantation. And we thought slavery was dead.

  5. Michael says:

    Nice, Walter. Both asinine AND offensive. Twit.

  6. I’m confused. With a name like National Education Association, don’t they talk about anything…I don’t know…educational at these meetings? It seems to me that they listened to politicians, took a vote, watched a movie, and gave an award. I’m just surprised that only 86% of those attending voted to support John Kerry. Don’t they check political ID’s these days? How did so many conservatives/Republicans get into the meeting? Maybe Micheal Moore can make a “documentary” about that?

  7. Walter E. Wallis says:

    Michael, I belonged to the NAACP back when my job would have been endangered had it been known. I marched for equality when the cops were on the other side, so I don’t need any dip now to lecture me. I have earned the right, now, to believe that an organization that was formed to bring the black man into the mainstream has turned against its purpose in order to buy its officers a seat with the mighty.
    If my belief in the equality of man under law makes me a twit, so be it. I would have to know more about you to adequately define you, but so far you are two standard deviations to the left.

  8. Mike in Texas says:

    LOL@ H and Doc

    I think Rod Paige should be the poster child for every group that opposes federal involvement in education. Here is a man who led a school district that lied about its graduation rates, and lied so poorly the educrats at the state level couldn’t ignore it. Now he Sec of Education.

  9. Walter Wallis for President!

  10. I think Edelman was talking about the mythical dictatorial enemy she *wishes* existed so that some democratic president could bring him down, if only he would…
    Her feather spitting is entirely about her envy of Republican success – of the compassion that she kept trying to convince people that no Conservative can have.

    It’s an expression of her narcissism, nothing else. It betrays the decency of everyone she speaks to.

  11. Joe: Although the last sentence of my post was meant to be humorous, the rest of it was meant in seriousness. How am I supposed to take the NEA seriously when what it does at its meetings and conferences is anything but serious? What does a special screening of Farenheit 911 have to do with the state of education? Who cares where the NEA stands on the Sudan and Iraq? I want to know what their plans are to help education. The problem appears to be that they have none. Unless you count endorsing John Kerry for president, and I don’t consider that a solution to anything, educational or otherwise.

  12. Sorry, Joe. I should have addressed my post to Mike in Texas.

  13. Walter E. Wallis says:

    If I were to say that the proper place for women was on the President’s staff, not under his desk, it would be offensive and twitty.
    What the hell.

  14. Convenient time to remind people that President Bush has more women and minorities in top diplomatic, advisory and beauracratic positions that any prior president. And if I here one person say that it somehow does not “count” because they are female and minority Republicans (gasp!), I will give up on Americans entirely. At what point in the political and historical discourse over the goal of empowering minorities and woman did it become a requirement that those woman and minorities who reach a place of power amongst the policy-makers have to be Democrats? Sorry to go OT, but there it is.